– Update (August 30, 2010)

Later today – August 30, 2010, I’ll be rolling out a new template/theme for the website that should be a lot faster and easier to navigate. It’ll take advantage of some of the upgrades I’ve done to the back-end software. I’ve been working off and on with it over the past week and have spent the weekend fine-tuning it.

It’ll be seamless for the most part – you may have to do a simple refresh on your end, but otherwise you will not notice the changeover.

I’ll also start rolling out new stories and information, and over the next week or two, bring the laptop/netbook database up to date.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Users:
The site will run just fine with IE6 and IE7, however there will be one or two minor cosmetic issues with a menu bar. If you are still on IE6 or IE7, I would recommend you upgrade to the following for a variety of reasons, namely speed, compatibility with future standards, and security.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP and above)
Mozilla Firefox (Windows 2000 and above)
Google Chrome (Windows XP and above)
Apple Safari (Windows XP and above)
Opera (Windows 2000 and above)

I personally prefer Firefox or Google Chrome as I work with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and it’s easier to keep things synced, but any of those above are quite a bit better than IE6 or IE7 these days.

Given that some of you maybe visiting Small Laptops while using a 1024×600 netbook, I would definitely recommend Firefox running in full screen (F11) along with the Tiny Menu add-on.