Laptops With Intel’s Sandy Bridge Discovered

We knew that Intel would be formally introducing Sandy Bridge at CES 2011 in January. These are the second generation of Intel’s Core CPUs/platform. One of the major features would be moving the graphics processing completely onto the processor and sharing cache in a much tighter integration. This would allow graphics performance to more closely match dedicated chipsets, without increasing the size of the CPU/platform. There will also be security enhancements.

Laptoping has discovered a couple of laptops that contain known Sandy Bridge CPUs, and that maybe manufactured using the 32nm process.

They were looking for information on the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6550M, and came across a couple of Sandy Bridge-based laptops:
– 17.3-inch Acer Aspire with the Core i7-2630QM (Quad-Core)
– Gateway laptop with the Core i7-2630QM
– Lenovo IdeaPad Y560P with the Core i7-2630QM

While those are the extreme opposite of what is normally covered on, and they may also have a dedicated AMD graphics chipset, it might be an indication that Sandy Bridge-based ultraportable laptops could be available fairly soon at or shortly after CES 2011.

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