Google Chrome OS Pilot Program Launches

Google has formally introduced Chrome OS and the Chrome OS Pilot Program for laptops, and they’ve even introduced a new ultraportable laptop that was “designed for the pilot program.”

Google Chrome OS is a Linux-based OS being developed by Google for laptops/notebooks, and netbooks that is focused on internet-based work, with an emphasis on using Google Apps. All of the applications are either meant to be web-based, or work with web-based content. The pilot program is open to the following people/groups who are based in the US:
– Individuals
– Businesses
– Schools
– Non-profit organizations
– Developers

The Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook really resembles a 13.3-inch Black MacBook.

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook
– “Designed for the Pilot program”
– 12-inch LCD
– Boots in about 10 seconds, Resumes from sleep instantly
– Over 8 hours of battery life, standby for a week
– Flash/SSD storage instead of a mechanical hard drive
– Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity
– Full-size keyboard / oversized touchpad
– 3.8 pounds
– VGA out
– Possibly a headphone out jack
– Possibly a Secure Digital (SD) slot
– 1x USB 2.0 port
– Webcam

If you’re worried about security, Google has posted this video, explaining some of the safety/security features:

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