Announced: HP Compaq nc2400

HP has introduced a major overhaul of their notebook lineup, including a couple of new ultraportable notebooks. The first is the HP Compaq nc2400. The weight starts at 2.8 pounds (no word on if this is with or without the internal optical drive) and is just under an inch thick (0.976 inches to be precise). It may not have a PCMCIA/PC Card slot (or ExpressCard 34/54). This model doesn’t appear to be replacing any other model in their existing lineup, unlike some of the other HP Compaq notebooks introduced today.

HP Compaq nc2400

HP Compaq nc2400 Summary: 12.1″ Widescreen, Intel Core Solo/Duo U1400/U2500, Mid 2006, Currently supported

HP Compaq 2510p

Search for news about the HP Compaq 2510p Official Page: Product Name: HP Compaq 2510p Manufacturer: HP Compaq Announced: May 2007 Available: June 25, 2007 Price: Starting at $1549 Driver Support:

Review: HP Compaq

CNET Asia has one of the first reviews of the HP Compaq nc2400, the new ultraportable from HP Compaq that features a 1.2GHz Low Voltage Core Solo from Intel. It has a 12-inch display, is just under an inch thick, and weighs under three pounds. As they point out, you don’t get the same power as you do from Core Duo-powered notebooks such as the ThinkPad X60s. As a result, they gave it a 6.3 out of 10.