Acer Aspire One AOD255 (D255) – Models – Configurations

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- 1134, 1203, 1549, 1625 will be available at retail stores.
- Atom N550 is dual-core, Atom N450 is single-core.
- Specifications below are subject to change.
- specifications maybe off as far as Memory/RAM type and Hard Drive sizes
ModelCPURAMColorOSBatteryHard Drive
AOD255-1134 LU.SDR0D.019Atom N5501GB DDR3Ruby RedWin 7 Starter6-cell250GB
AOD255-1203 LU.SDH0D.015Atom N5501GB DDR3AquamarineWin 7 Starter6-cell250GB
AOD255-1549 LU.SDJ0D.089Atom N5501GB DDR3Diamond BlackWin 7 Starter6-cell250GB
AOD255-1625 LU.SDP0D.016Atom N5501GB DDR3Sandstone BrownWin 7 Starter6-cell250GB
AOD255-2184Atom N4501GBSandstone BrownWin 7 Starter3-cell
AOD255-2331 LU.SDE0B.096Atom N4501GB DDR2Diamond BlackWin XP Home3-cell160GB
AOD255-2333 LU.SDE0B.095Atom N4501GB DDR2Diamond BlackWin XP Home6-cell160GB
AOD255-2509 LU.SDE0D.160Atom N4501GB DDR2Diamond BlackWin 7 Starter3-cell160GB
AOD255-2520 LU.SDE0D.126Atom N4501GB DDR2Diamond BlackWin 7 Starter6-cell160GB
AOD255-2532Atom N4501GBAquamarineWin 7 Starter3-cell
AOD255-2691Atom N4501GBDiamond BlackWin 7 Starter3-cell
AOD255-2795Atom N4501GBRuby RedWin 7 Starter3-cell
AOD255-2934Atom N4501GBRuby RedWin 7 Starter3-cell
AOD255-2981 LU.SDE0D.097Atom N4501GB DDR2Diamond BlackWin 7 Starter6-cell250GB

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