Netbook Pricing to Continue Dropping?

DigiTimes is reporting that due to a strong and continued demand for Tablet PCs and Tablets (notably Apple’s iPad), that name brand vendors/manufacturers in Taiwan are dropping prices on their netbooks. Asustek is mentioned as dropping the price of new Intel Atom N450-based single-core Eee … Read more

Toshiba Introduces New Portege M750 Models

Toshiba has introduced three new models in its 12.1-inch Toshiba Portege M750 line. The M750 laptops are “convertibles” the display rotates/swivels around to allow you to convert back and forth between a normal laptop/notebook form factor, and a Tablet PC setup. These three models are … Read more

Toshiba Picks Up Fujitsu’s HDD Business

Fujitsu Limited and Toshiba Corporation have announced today that Fujitsu will be transferring its hard drive (Hard Disk Drive – HDD) business over to Toshiba, through the creation of a new company. Fujitsu will move its HDD-related assets and business into this new company, in … Read more

Ars Technica: The State of the Netbook, Part I

Ari Allyn-Feuer over at Ars Technica has put together a comprehensive series that looks at the history and future of netbooks, as well as where they stand these days. They go all the way back 15 years ago to the mid 1990s when HP rolled … Read more

Windows XP Dominates Netbook Market

I think many of us saw this coming. Even though netbooks started out with a heavy Linux influence, once Microsoft began relaxing their rules on Windows XP Home and netbooks, it was pretty clear that Windows XP would end up winning the netbook market. This … Read more