Microsoft Extends XP Deadline to July 2009

Microsoft At first, Microsoft backed off on the restrictions it had placed on Windows XP Home for netbooks. By now, Microsoft had wanted companies to stop installing Windows XP on their PCs, with the exception of netbooks. They had already began discouraging individuals from buying it and installing it (although it’s still available here and there).

Netbooks were still prime candidates for Windows XP since they were running older chipsets and CPUs and graphics chipsets that weren’t exactly made for Windows Vista. It had looked like January 31, 2009 was going to be the final date any of us could buy a machine that came with XP (or rather that we could downgrade to Vista with new machines).

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Sandisk: Windows Vista and SSDs – Not a Good Combination

Sandisk Solid State Drive CNET / is running an article by Brooke Crothers that addresses several issues with Solid State Drives (SSDs) and even provides another reason why Microsoft was willing to extend Windows XP’s lifespan for netbooks and other ultraportable devices.

Basically it boils down to Windows Vista was not developed with SSDs in mind, and there needs to be some optimization on both ends to compensate for that. This goes beyond things like tuning Vista’s graphics options that can really slow down an ultraportable device.

This from the CEO of SanDisk during their second-quarter earnings call:

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