Gigabyte U60

Gigabyte U60

Known specifications:
* 1GHz Via C7-M mobile processor – ULVC-7M NanoBGA2
* Display: 6.5″ widescreen
* Resolution: 800×480
* Memory: 512MB – 768MB
* Storage: 1.8″ 20GB, 30GB, or 40GB harddrive + SD/MMC card readers
* Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), 2x USB
* Input: Sliding QWERTY keyboard. 0.3MP digital camera
* Battery Life: Manufacturer claims 4 hours.

* 7.5-inches (190mm) x 4.75 inches (121mm) by 1.1 inches (28.3mm)
* Weight: 720g (1.6 pounds)

Gigabyte’s Official Press Release at CeBIT 2007

Comment: While this is considered a UMPC (UltraMobile PC), it does have a physical keyboard – as such, we are going to follow this device as it develops. It’s slated to be launched at CeBit tradeshow in Germany this month.

CNET – Impressions/Gallery – March 2007
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