NEC LaVie G Type J – 12″

NEC LaVie G Type J

Replaced by the NEC LaVie J Series

First mentioned back in January of 2005 on Akihabara News. Recently mentioned at CES 2006 on Akihabara News

Gizmodo has news of a Hello Kitty Version

This is not available in North American markets – it appears to be only available in Asian markets, although it maybe marketed under another name elsewhere as the specs match similar offerings from NEC.

* Pentium Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) M753 (1.2Ghz) CPU (also ULV 733j 1.10Ghz)
* 12″ screen TFT LCD (1024×768)
* Chipset: Intel 915GM
* 256MB – 1280MB of RAM DDR2 SDRAM (PC3200)
* 40GB – 80GB UltraATA HDD
* Security: TPM v1.1b chip
* Battery Life – Up to 5.4 – 10.6 hours depending whether second battery is used (2nd may fit in a bay)
* Weight: 1.4kg
* Size: 272mm W x 237.5mm D x 25.2 – 27.2mm H

Retails for aorund 1200 EUR

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