Asus N10 Mini-Review (GottaBeMobile)

Asus N10 Matthew Dillon at GottaBeMobile has spent the last week using the 10.2″ Intel Atom-powered Asus N10 as his primary notebook/computer and has posted about it.

Even though it’s got a 10.2″ display, it’s at the high-end of the netbook/ultraportable market, with an HDMI port, and NVIDIA’s GeForce 9300GS graphics chipset (note this is not the NVIDIA Ion platform).

The model used was the N10Jc-A1 (1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 6-cell battery). It actually has two graphics chips – a built-in Intel GMA 950 and a dedicated NVIDIA 9300M GS (256MB RAM). You can switch to the built-in/integrated Intel graphics to save on battery life.

The Express Gate was tested thoroughly, it’s Asus’ “Instant On” OS that allows you to jump into a few standard Linux-based applications very quickly, rather than booting all of the way up into Windows.

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Lenovo IdeaPad S20 – 12-inch Netbook?

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 We’ll file this one under rumors for now, but it brings up some interesting issues. DigiTimes is reporting that Lenovo will be launching the Lenovo IdeaPad S20, a 12-inch netbook (probably 12.1″).

It’ll be based on Intel’s new Atom N280 (1.66GHz, with a faster FSB than the N270) as well as the new Intel GN40 chipset. The interesting issues that it raises are that it mentions Lenovo will have to buy the N280 at a slightly higher price than the competition as a result of the S20 being larger than 10-inches. Intel and Microsoft have both had certain restrictions on the hardware in this category, although Microsoft has loosened their restrictions up quite a bit when it comes to allowing for Windows XP Home.

DigiTimes sources report that Lenovo is going to roll out the S20 to boost its netbook sales, since the 10-inch market is very competitive right now.

A price of NT$20,000 (US$586) is mentioned (this is with Windows XP).

In my opinion, if they are going to go up to 12″, they might as well add another $100 or so to the price and throw in a ThinkPad keyboard and trackpoint. There has to be a market for that.

Read: DigiTimes

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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Starting at $199 (one day only)

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 The 8.9″ Dell Inspiron Mini 9 recently had a price drop, and today, they are having a one-day sale (good through February 17, 2009, 5:59 AM CST) with the starting price on some models dropping to $199.

This is through the Dell Home and Home Office Store:
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – only $199 after instant discount

– Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU
– 4GB Solid State Drive
– 512MB RAM
– Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1
– 4-cell battery

You can also pick up a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 starting at $449 through the above link.

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10.1-inch Acer Aspire One Review – Part 1

Acer Aspire One 10-inch On Friday, I gave my first impressions of the new 10.1″ Acer Aspire One, so it’s on to part 1 of the review.

The model reviewed is the Acer Aspire One D150-1165 (aka AOD150-1165). This is the same D150-1165 available from, however it came with a larger-than-standard battery (explained here).

– 1 GB of RAM
– 160GB Toshiba HDD
– Windows XP Home

These measurements are without the batteries
Width: 10.1″ AAO (10.25″/260mm) – Original 8.9″ AAO (9.75″/247.7mm)
Depth: 10.1″ AAO (7.375″/187mm) – Original 8.9″ AAO (6.625″/168.3mm)
Height: 10.1″ AAO (1.25″/31.8mm) – Original 8.9″ AAO (1.25″/31.8)
Weight: 10.1″ AAO: 2.25 lbs (1kg) – Original 8.9″ AAO: 1.95lbs (0.88kg)

The first part of the review is going to cover a physical comparison to the original 8.9″ Acer Aspire One.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

10.1-inch Acer Aspire One versus 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One – Review (Part 1)
10.1″ and 8.9″ Acer Aspire One Comparison – Page 1 – Packaging, Bottom, Top
10.1″ and 8.9″ Acer Aspire One Comparison – Page 2 – General overview, side-by-side
10.1″ and 8.9″ Acer Aspire One Comparison – Page 3 – Sides, ports, jacks

10.1-inch Acer Aspire One Versus 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One

Update:10.1-inch Acer Aspire One Review – Part 2: Windows 7

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ASUS Eee PC S101, S101H, 1002HA Compared (Portable Monkey)

Asus Eee PC Portable Monkey has done a comprehensive comparison involving three Asus Eee PC models that share quite a bit in common. They’ve compared the 10″ Eee PC S101, Eee PC S101H, and the Eee PC 1002HA.

The S101 is Asustek’s high-end netbook/ultraportable, with a much larger capacity battery, and more metal parts (which adds to the price), while the 1002HA has a higher-resolution webcam. As shown, they do have the same keyboards and the S101H and 1002HA share quite a few other things in common.

PM makes the point that the S101H is just the S101 with a hard drive (the S101 has a Solid State Drive – SSD), and at that point the S101H is:

… actually half way between the S101 and the 1002HA. The differences are all so minimal though and don’t amount to much. I would either stick to the 1002HA and save money, or go for complete mobility and battery life with the S101.

The 1002HA has dropped quite a bit in price since it’s launch – it’s down to $379.99 at ZipZoomFly (EPC1002HA-BLK006X). That maybe due in part to the launch of the Eee PC 1000HE.

Portable Monkey makes a great argument for picking up the 1002HA over the S101H, since the whole point of choosing the S101H is for the mobility and battery life.

Read: Portable Monkey

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