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Note: This device has been cancelled for now – see this story

Product Name: Palm Foleo
Type: “Mobile Companion”
Official Page: at
Manufacturer: Palm, Inc.
Announced: May 30, 2007
Available: Cancelled – see note above.
Price: Introductory $499 USD (With $100 mail-in rebate)
Markets: Worldwide

Manufacturer’s Description:
Think about the work you do on the go. If you’re like most people, you check email, visit websites, and maybe look at a photo or two. Your smartphone is great for these things when you’re looking for quick bits of information or sending a brief response to an email. There are times you may want a big screen and keyboard to view attachments1, type longer emails2, or get a bigger look at web pages3 and photos you’d normally view on your smartphone. But you’d rather not take your laptop along—and let’s face it, you don’t always need everything on it.

The Palm® Foleoâ„¢ mobile companion doesn’t want to be your laptop. It’s lightweight, elegant and thoughtfully designed for the things you do most on the go. Press one button and it’s on. Instantly. Press another button and watch as Foleo connects wirelessly with your smartphone to bring your inbox to the big screen.2 You can also view and edit Office documents and even run PowerPoint® presentations from it. And with up to five hours of battery life packed into such a compact design, you’ll do big things wherever you go. So leave your laptop docked at your desk more often. With the Foleo mobile companion, you carry only what you need. Not everything you have.

Palm Foleo in action with a SmartPhone
Palm Foleo

– Turns on and off instantly
– Uses the Opera Browser
– Full-size Keyboard
– Editors for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus a PDF viewer

Technical Specifications:
CPU: Intel/Marvell PXA27x running at 416MHz
Graphics: Marathon 2700G (can hook to external monitor)
Memory: 128MB for running applications/OS (256MB for storage) – all flash-based
– Based on Linux
– Up to five hours of battery life
– 10-inch Widescreen Display – 1024×600 LCD
– 1x USB Port (The USB port supports USB mass storage devices (FAT16 or FAT32)
– Video Out
– Headphone Jack
– Flash Memory Reader: Secure Digital (SD) (up to 2GB, possibly 4GB) and Compact Flash (Up to 4GB) for memory expansion

– Connects to the internet using Windows Mobile or Palm OS-based Smartphones
– WiFi (802.11b)
– Bluetooth
Security: Open, WEP, WPA, and 802.1X Enterprise

Width: 10.55 inches (268mm)
Depth: 6.65 inches (169mm)
Height: 0.94 inches (24mm)
Weight: 2.4 pounds (1.133 kg)

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