Anandtech Benchmarks Intel’s Yonah

Anandtech got their hands on Intel’s new Yonah CPUs, and they’ve published Intel Yonah Performance Preview – Part I. Here’s a brief explanation of Yonah, from the article:

As the successor to the current Pentium M (Dothan) and the predecessor to next year’s Conroe, Merom and Woodcrest cores, Yonah is a very important chip. As a mobile processor Yonah will bring dual core to thin and light notebooks, basically anywhere you’d find a Pentium M, you’ll now be able to find two Pentium Ms. The implications for mobile performance are huge, as multitasking on notebooks has rarely been all that great of an experience.

Yonah is supposed to be very power-conscious, and one feature that I’ve seen mentioned in a few places – the ability to turn one core off to save power when running off of a battery, sounds very intriguing. There are going to be single-core verisons of Yonah.

We ran a story a few weeks ago with a brief explanation of Intel’s roadmap for Yonah, in regards to where it fits in with ultraportable laptops and Tablet PCs.

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