ZDNet: Top 10 Things Apple Could Announce

Mac With Intel Inside
Jason D. O’Grady has put together a list at ZDNet, Top 10 Things Apple Could Announce at Macworld. Unlike other such lists floating around, he predicts odds and gives the reasons behind those odds. He has an Intel-powered PowerBook at 50-1, but an Intel-powered Mac mini and an Intel-powered widescreen iBook are listed at even money.

The specs he lists on the iBook (or “IBook” as he calls it) would draw a lot of people in if they were true: dual-core Yonah processor in the 1.5 to 2.0GHz range with a 667MHz front side bus. The new IBooks will ship in a single 13.3-inch widescreen (possibly High-Def) configuration..

I have a small page tracking some of the more relevant rumors – Apple Mac/Intel Watch

Macworld starts on January 9th.