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Current Apple Laptops (12″ – 13.3″)
Apple MacBook – 13.3″ WS, Intel C2D Penryn (Feb 2008)
Apple MacBook Air (January 2008) – 13.3″ WS, Intel Core 2 Duo, 3 pounds.
Discontinued Apple Laptops (12″ – 13.3″):
Apple MacBook (May 2007) – 13.3″ WS, Intel Core 2 Duo (May 2007)
Apple MacBook (Nov 2006) – 13.3″ WS, Intel Core 2 Duo (Nov 2006)
Apple MacBook (May 2006) – 13.3″ WS, Intel Core Duo (May 2006)
iBook G4 1.2GHz – 12″, PowerPC G4 (Late 2004)
iBook G4 1.33GHz – 12″, PowerPC G4 (Mid 2005)
PowerBook G4 – 1.33GHz – 12″, PowerPC G4 (Early 2004)
PowerBook G4 – 1.5GHz – 12″, PowerPC (Early 2005)

Important/Interesting Links:
Ever ubiquitous Mac Buyer’s Guide –
Apple’s Intel Transition Center (for Developers)

Articles/Speculation Concerning Ultraportable Intel-based Macs
Ultrathin, Ultralight MacBook in 2007 (July 2007)
Is today the day for an ultraportable Intel-based Mac? (May 9, 2006)

Articles about Ultraportable Intel Macs (From 2005/Early 2006):
PC World – Their take on MWSF 2006 (Jan 2006)
Top 10 Things Apple Could Announce at MacWorld – ZDNet Article from Jason D. O’Grady concerning rumors – Jason lays out odds and his own predictions (January 2006)
Will Intel’s Napa Platform/CPUs Power Apple Laptops? -Story linking to the Mercury News/SiliconValley article about Intel and Apple (December 2005)
Macsimum News – Article about a “conserving power” patent that Apple was granted recently (December 2005)
Think Secret – 13.3-inch Widescreen Intel-based iBook Rumors – Replacing the 14.1 iBook while retaining the 12-inch iBook, and eventually phasing out the 12-inch PowerBook (December 2005)
Macsimum News – Article covering recent patents concerning laptops from Apple (December 2005)
MacFixIt: Mac OS X Intel transition special report – concerns information about the ongoing transition to Intel (while maintaining PPC compatability) (December 2005)
Apple Ditching Firewire? – ZDNet – Commentary on Apple’s handling of Firewire (December 2005)
AppleInsider – Article about Freescale’s CEO saying that Steve Jobs wanted to transition to Intel 5 years ago (December 2005)
CNET News – Article/interview with Freescale’s CEO (referenced in AppleInsider article above). (December 2005)
AppleInsider – Analysts talking about Intel-based PowerBooks, etc. (December 2005)
DigiTimes says it’s heard from sources in the Taiwan market that it will be June of 2006 before Intel-based Macs come out. A Register article discusses this as well. (December 2005)
Apple Rumors and Realities – ZDNet – Commentary about potential Apple offerings, what they should or should not do, what’s available both Intel and IBM/PowerPC wise, etc. Interesting little read. (December 2005)
NEC PC Parafield – Interesting because it’s an ultraportable laptop with no moving hard drive – it’s flash memory-based – The OS, Applcations, etc., are all stored in flash memory. Apple recently invested in buying a lot of flash memory from some of the bigger companies…The NEC PC Parafield could be an example of things to come. (December 2005)

Articles from September – November 2005: Rumors – Intel-Based iBooks in January? – Mentions a third iBook in the lineup, and that it maybe substantially cheaper than the current 12.1″ iBook G4s
AppleInsider Rumors – Widescreen iBook, iSight in PowerBooks in 2006 – interesting rumors regarding future iBooks.
ThinkSecret – Apple to drop 12″ PowerBooks – Interesting rumor regarding dropping the 12″ PowerBook. More than likely it could be replaced by another ultraportable – either a widescreen iBook, or some kind of Tablet – Tablets are really starting to come into their own, especially “convertibles” – those Tablet PCs with some kind of physical keyboard. (October 2005)
Mac OS Rumors reporting on some kind of “Mac Nano” or “NanoBook – Interesting speculation. This is in regards to the rumored October updates, but perhaps using some kind of Ultra Low Voltage Intel processor, sans fan, Apple could produce something smaller than 12″ next year. (September 2005)