Microsoft Reveals Windows Vista Versions

The BBC has a story on the next major release of Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista or just Vista, which is expected by the end of the year. Microsoft has broken it out into six versions – three targeted towards home (including one that can has PVR functionality), two for business/corporate useage, and one for “emerging markets”.

This was interesting:

Microsoft pointed out that the current version of Windows, XP, is available in six different versions though most of these are tuned for the different types of hardware, such as a Tablet PC, people are using.

By contrast Vista versions are organised by what people plan to do with their computer.

So it looks like there won’t be a dedicated Tablet PC version, rather you will use one (or more) of the other versions, probably one of the home and one of the corporate versions has the functionality, to install/run on a Tablet PC. It could be that the functionality is built-in all versions of Vista.

Vista Versions/Packaging
– Vista Business
– Vista Enterprise
– Vista Home Basic
– Vista Home Premium
– Vista Ultimate
– Vista Starter

As a side note, Craig Pringle has been experiementing with installing one of the Vista betas onto a Toshiba M400. You can read about his latest experience here.

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