Microsoft Extends XP Deadline to July 2009

Microsoft At first, Microsoft backed off on the restrictions it had placed on Windows XP Home for netbooks. By now, Microsoft had wanted companies to stop installing Windows XP on their PCs, with the exception of netbooks. They had already began discouraging individuals from buying it and installing it (although it’s still available here and there).

Netbooks were still prime candidates for Windows XP since they were running older chipsets and CPUs and graphics chipsets that weren’t exactly made for Windows Vista. It had looked like January 31, 2009 was going to be the final date any of us could buy a machine that came with XP (or rather that we could downgrade to Vista with new machines).

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Netbooks to Get Larger Hard Drives

DigiTimes is reporting that Microsoft is officially revising the restrictions it had placed on netbooks in regards to manufacturers selling Windows XP Home, and this is in line with what we saw back in July. The restrictions had been bumped up to allow for 160GB … Read more

Microsoft Relaxes Windows XP Restrictions for Netbooks

Looks like Microsoft is backing off on some of their previous demands in regards to allowing OEMs to keep installing Microsoft Windows XP on netbooks. Microsoft had already extended the End-of-Life for XP on these devices (on June 30th, most manufacturers had to stop offering … Read more

Fujitsu Laptops and Windows XP

I received a notice from Fujitsu yesterday that we are fast approaching the point where you won’t be able to buy some Fujitsu laptops and Tablet PC/convertibles with Microsoft Windows XP anymore. Affected laptops: – Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC – Fujitsu LifeBook T2010 Tablet … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note and Windows Vista SP1, XP SP3

Over at HP 2133 Mini-Note Guide, they’ve posted some new performance benchmarks for the HP 2133 Mini-Note using updated drivers from VIA for the CN896 chipset and Chrome 9 integrated graphics chipset that were recently released for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP. The benchmarks … Read more