Controversy: Sony SZ160 – Confusion Over Carbon Color and Carbon Fiber

Sony VAIO SZ160P/C
The Inquirer is reporting that Sony’s VAIO SZ160P and SZ160P/C notebooks and model numbers are leaving people (and Sony’s tech support and sales people) confused, as some models maybe shipping as “carbon coloured” with plastic casings rather than being made out of carbon fibre. This information came out of a couple of forum threads at This concerns the differences between the P and P/C models as well as variations between countries. Note that we don’t have the full details yet, and will post them as soon as we have them.

Thread #1 at

Thread #2 at

I’ve gotten different responses from Sony store (may have plastic premium), online Sony Tech support (definitely plastic), phone sales (not sure if there is a plastic, think its carbon) and customer service (didn’t even know there was an SZ160P, only knew of SZ160P/C which is carbon). How can 4 different departments all have conflicting information?

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