Sony VAIO P Refresh – This Summer?

Sony Insider is reporting that the 8″ Intel Atom-based Sony VAIO P series could be undergoing a refresh in coming months. Keep in mind that not all models currently available elsewhere, are available in the US – US VAIO P models are currently limited to … Read more

Lenovo Pocket Yoga (Pocket Notebook) Discussed

There has been a lot of talk about Lenovo’s “Pocket Yoga”, which closely resembles the form factor of the Sony VAIO P series (or rather, the VAIO P resembles it). In the words of Lenovo, it’s the smallest pocket notebook. The photo(s) were from two … Read more

All Sony VAIO P Models/Options Benchmarked (Pocketables)

Jenn Lee over at Pocketables has assembled a comprehensive look at the 8-inch high-resolution (1600×768) Sony VAIO P Series, including faster models not yet available in the US. The models available in the US are all powered by Intel’s 1.33GHz Z520 Atom CPU (the 1.6GHz … Read more

Sony VAIO P – Typing, Size, Performance (Pocketables)

Jenn K. Lee over at Pocketables has put together an extensive collection of articles on the new 8″ high-resolution Sony VAIO P series. The model reviewed comes with Microsoft Windows Vista, and surprisingly, the amount of software that Sony included on the desktop with the … Read more

Sony VGN VAIO P Unboxed (Pocketables)

Jenn K. Lee over at Pocketables has put together an in-depth look at an unboxing of the 8″ Sony VAIO P, along with several good photos of the VAIO P itself. In this instance, Lee had a VGN-P588E to work with. Specifications: – 1.33GHz Intel … Read more