Review: Flybook V5i (

Flybook has posted a video review of the Flybook V5i.

The Flybook V5i is one of the smaller ultraportables, with an 8.9-inch widescreen touchscreen display (1024×600 resolution if you can believe it!). It’s powered by an Intel Core Duo 1.2 ghz (U2500) which gives it a battery life of up to four hours or so (depending on usage and whether or not the wireless connection is on). The screen does rotate and lay down over the keyboard, turning it into a Tablet PC. Suprisingly enough, they managed to fit a 1.3MP web camera into the package as well as a fingerprint reader.

This is what Rob Bushway covered in the review:

– Review of the specs, Experience Index, and Crystal Mark score
– General tour of the V5i and how it is designed to be used
– A demo of the camera
– A demo of typing on the V5i, along with a size comparison to the Stowaway keyboard
– A demo of Dialogue’s well designed Control Center
– A look at the case and strap
– How the V5i stacks up as a Tablet PC

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