Announced? Toshiba Satellite U400

Toshiba Satellite U400
It’s pretty clear that Toshiba has been trying to clear out the Toshiba Satellite U305 series, offering good discounts both in Brick & Mortar stores (think Best Buy, Fry’s), as well as online (Amazon, New Egg, etc.). In some cases the prices have dropped below $800 USD.

Well, it could be that they are getting ready to roll out an update.

Let’s call it the Toshiba Satellite U400

Notebook Italia (knowledge of the Italian language or Google translation tools required) is saying that it will be rolling out sometime in April of this year. It makes extensive use of a glossy finish (not the display mind you, the computer itself, including the keyboard) as well as white LEDs.

Not much else is mentioned – the writers were more interested in writing about the Satellite A300 and P300 (or maybe Toshiba didn’t release much on the U400). It’ll probably stay with Intel and use Penryn 45″ CPUs.

If the pictures are right, they certainly look a little more elegant than their predecessors.

Note: It has been almost a year since there was a major refresh to the U series. Also the Notebook Italia site has quotes from Italian Toshiba executives. That’s pretty legitimate in our book.

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