Asus Eee PC: Windows XP, EEE PC 900 CPU

Asus Eee PC APC has taken a look at the “official” Asus Eee PCs that are now being sold with Windows XP, as well as a look at the Windows XP installation itself. They took a look at what was included, how fast it was, how much space was taken up by the installation (on a 4G model with a 4GB flash drive), and came to the conclusion that it was well done, but that the best Eee PC for Windows XP is…probably the larger 9-inch Asus Eee PC 900.

Speaking of the Eee PC 900, has posted a hands-on video at YouTube of the retail version of the Eee PC 900, including showing that it comes with the same Intel CPU that the Eee PC came with, as well as comparing to the 7-inch Eee PC. They also demonstrate the multi-touch touchpad/trackpad (similar to what some Apple laptops and others have), although it appears that it may only work under Linux for now.