Announced/Leaked: Sony VGN-SR, VGN-Z Series

In what could be a replacement for the Sony VAIO SZ series, a couple of manuals for new Sony laptops were published on and found by PhilFlow of the forums, as well as some technical specifications. Both have 13.3-inch widescreen LED-backlit displays.

The Sony VGN-SR is oriented towards consumers and appears to start at 1250 Euros/US Dollars, while the Sony VGN-Z, with it’s 13.3-inch 16:9 display with HDMI output is oriented towards professionals/prosumers. The VGN-Z series starts at 1766.39 Euros/US Dollars.

Sony VGN-Z Highlights:
– 16:9 13.3-inch LED-backlit Display
– Latest Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs
– Stamina and Speed mods (hardware switch)
– HDMI Out
– Possible Blu-ray option

Sony VGN-SR Highlights:
– 13.3-inch LED Backlit display
– ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470 GPU
– Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz, 3MB L2 Cache)
– Built-in MOTION Eye Web camera
– “Switch Functionality” – Three modes to customize your environment (with different wallpapers for each mode)
– Maybe a Blu-ray optical drive option

Others in Sony’s 11.1-inch series could be updated later this year.

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