MSI Wind U100 in the US With 6-Cell Battery

MSI Wind PC is listing five different 10-inch MSI Wind U100 laptop models for pre-order in the US, for either $479.99 (3-cell battery) or $499.99 (6-cell battery).

That 6-cell battery tidbit is important – Amazon was listing a black 3-cell version for pre-order (Model # MSMU1-035LABK) for $499.99, however that model number at Amazon matches the model number below for the black, 6-cell version.

Pocketables mentions that not only does list 3-cell and 6-cell models, but that Dynamism is listing a July 15, 2008 date for availability/shipping.

6-cell Battery Models:
MSI Wind U100-053LA: Black, $499.99
MSI Wind U100-036LA: White, $499.99
MSI Wind U100-039LA: Pink, $499.99

3-Cell Battery Models:
MSI Wind U100-035LA: Black, $479.99
MSI Wind U100-002LA: White, $479.99

via Pocketables