MSI Wind U100 -Taken Apart

MSI Wind PC It didn’t take long – after their U100 review a few days ago, has taken apart their 10-inch MSI Wind U100 (in the aptly named article, “Breaking Wind”).

The photos give a good idea of just how small this laptop is and how important the Intel Atom is in reducing the cooling requirements.

One interesting note they mention – you do have to partially take apart the U100 if you wish to upgrade the memory on the sub-notebook, and MSI realizes this, saying “if a customer wants to upgrade the memory in their Wind that they register it with the MSI Notebook support team and MSI will send them a special warranty sticker to place back on their Wind”.

Going by their comments and photos, the U100 is one of the easist in this class to take apart. They do show that you can replace/upgrade the 2.5″ hard drive to something large, as long as you stick with Serial ATA (SATA). They also show the memory slot that allows you to upgrade it to 2GB.