Eee PC – All Day Battery Life, Extended Storage

Asus Eee PC 901 In addition to the previously mentioned accessories, Asustek plans on some very interesting things for their Eee PC netbooks.

According to Digitimes, they plan on upgrading their Eee PC range later this year to allow for “whole-day” battery life. Whether this is a larger battery, software changes, CPU changes (including lower-clock speeds), or a combination of the three remains to be seen.

They also plan on offering some form of increased storage over the internet, as well as continuing to offer options for telecommunications (3G, etc.).

The report also mentions that they will be aggressively pushing out “software and hardware upgrades every month to fill gaps in the netbook market“. I’m hoping this doesn’t lead to them diluting their product line and/or confusing customers.

Read: DigiTimes