Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Demo (Notebooks.com)

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Notebooks.com has posted a two and a half minute video of the 10″ IdeaPad S10 netbook at the Intel Developer’s Forum. The video covers some of the features shown off by a Lenovo representative, who also mentions that the S10 will be shipping with both Linux and Windows XP versions (right now it’s shipping only with XP). I had listed Linux as a possibility a few weeks ago after seeing it listed as an option elsewhere, and it’s nice to have the Lenovo rep clarify that it won’t just be the IdeaPad S9 shipping with Linux support. In addition to Linux being popular on netbooks, as well as the S9 and S10 being identical except for a few minor options, quite a few ThinkPads support Linux installations, so it’s not surprising Lenovo would offer it on both.

Also, over at LAPTOP Magazine Joanna Stern has also posted that the IdeaPad S10 is running the same Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset that other Intel Atom-based netbooks are running, and not the X4500 that was incorrectly listed on Lenovo’s site and posted about elsewhere.

All in all, the S10 is shaping up to be the 10″ netbook to beat (especially given that the price is under $450 USD), with the Acer Aspire One being the 9″ netbook to beat.

Watch: Notebooks.com

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  1. Will be in the States only till mid October. Would like to buy that red Ideapad S10 before I go. Where can I get one?

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