Sony VAIO Z Review (Engadget)

Sony VGN-Z Engadget has posted their review of the 13.3-inch Sony VAIO Z-Series.

The new VAIO Z series is one of Sony’s high-end laptops, and comes with a brushed aluminum/carbon fiber case, and Blu-Ray optical drive options (complete with HDMI out). It’s based on the Centrino 2 platform. It’s rather unique in that it has two modes – a “Staminia mode” that uses an integrated Intel graphics chipset for prolonged battery life, and a “Speed mode” that uses a dedicated NVIDIA 9300M GS graphics chipset.

Engadget tested the VGN-Z591U (over $3500+ USD) and discussed where exactly it fits into the lineup and market – it’s a very powerful machine for the size.

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