Apple, the Brick, and Reality

Apple MacBook Air With all of the rumors swirling around Apple coming out with new designs for their MacBook and MacBook Pro lines (including moving the MacBook to the same materials and a similar design as the MacBook Pro), as well as some kind of manufacturing the entire laptop out of one or two pieces of aluminum (aka the “Brick” rumors that are floating around), BusinessWeek decided to talk to the people who would know the most about how or if Apple could pull off such a design.

BW looked into how feasible it would be for Apple to make the “brick” as well as how expensive it would be and how it would impact the profit margins if Apple were to bring manufacturing back in-house instead of sourced out to suppliers in Asia.

They also took a look at patents that Apple has been filing – while there have been some that could be related to such a device, there were also solid financial reasons why Apple wouldn’t make such a device.

The rumors are that it will be next week. I have my doubts, both about next week, as well as the “brick” that some are touting – Apple does like to be innovative.

Read: BusinessWeek