MSI Wind U100 – $399.99 in US after Rebate

MSI Wind PC There are some models of the 10.2″ MSI Wind U100 that are down to $399.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate (through October 31, 2008) through and

– 120GB HDD
– 3-Cell Battery
– Windows XP Home

MSI Wind U100-016US (Black)$399.99 (After $50 Rebate)$399.99 (After $50 Rebate)

MSI Wind U100-030US (White Heart Design)$399.99 (After $50 Rebate)$399.99 (After $50 Rebate)

These could be clearance models since some U100s with 3-cell batteries have been replaced or it could be a part of the trend of MSI lowering their prices now that the competition is healthy. It’s still a very good deal – you can easily (and economically) upgrade the memory to 2GB and the HDD to a larger 2.5″ SATA HDD.

The interesting thing – these prices have dropped since the rebates first popped up.

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