ThinkFree Office Suite for Netbooks

ThinkFree Office If you are a netbook owner, you may be looking around for an office suite that is more suited to the small form factor displays we are seeing with the 7″, 9″, and 10″ displays and their non-standard resolutions (such as 1024×600 or 800×480).

Look no further than ThinkFree. They have announced the “ThinkFree Netbook solution”, which is geared towards smaller displays, as well as online collaboration. It handles word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007.

It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X, and the documents can be viewed on some mobile devices, including the iPhone.

You can download a trial at After you fill out a survey between now and October 31, you can receive a free license key. If you check out the ThinkFree blog, you can see videos of the suite in action on netbooks. No word on final pricing.

Read: CNET
via: jkOnTheRun