Steve Jobs Overseeing Ultraportable Apple / Mac?

With the announcement last month of a major update to Apple’s iPhone OS (version 3.0), a lot more of us began to wonder about whether Apple would be scaling the iPhone’s interface up to something larger, perhaps netbook-sized. Keep in mind that the iPhone is … Read more

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 – A Major Upgrade

Today, Apple previewed the upcoming update to the iPhone and iPod Touch software – iPhone OS 3.0. It includes over 1,000 new APIs for iPhone developers to work with, including support for new features as well as older features that were considered off-limits to developers. … Read more

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 – Copy and Paste, Multi-Tasking?

In a follow-up to this week’s upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 announcement, there are plenty of rumors and comments flying around. At South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Kevin Rose, Digg founder, is claiming that the “centerpiece” of the upcoming OS 3.0 announcement would be copying … Read more

iPhone OS 3.0 Announcement – March 17, 2009

First off, this is not the release of Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0. Some people have taken it as a sign that it would be released then. What it is, is a media event where Apple is going to discuss the iPhone OS 3.0, which should … Read more