Windows 7 and Netbooks

Windows 7

Engadget discusses Windows 7 at length, as well as includes a lot of general links about Windows 7. They mention that Microsoft Windows SVP Steve Sinofsky was showing off a netbook running Windows 7 during the PDC keynote (PDC = Professional Developers Conference). LAPTOP Magazine thinks it was a Lenovo S10 while Engadget thought it was something running a VIA Nano. Either way, Sinofsky mentioned that out of 1GB of RAM installed on the netbook, Windows 7 was using only half of it.

LAPTOP Magazine has loaded Windows 7 on the 10″ Asus Eee PC 1000H netbook and were actually impressed. This isn’t their first experience with Windows 7 on a portable device (they had an article earlier in the week about Windows 7 on a regular notebook). They loaded Windows 7 Ultimate (Pre-Beta) with 1GB of RAM on the Intel Atom-powered 1000H. The upgraded network manager made working with WiFi much easier, among other things (booting wasn’t bad either).

jkkmobile has a YouTube video up of Windows 7 on an MSI Wind U100.