Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 LAPTOP Magazine posted their review of the 12″ Inspiron Mini 12 yesterday, after posting a hands-on preview. It’s powered by an Intel Atom (1.6GHz) and comes loaded with Windows Vista, which apparently is part of the problem (besides the 12″ display which pushes the size up above normal netbooks).

They mention that while it is larger than most 8.9″ or 10.2″ netbooks, it still maintains a weight of below three pounds (while coming with a 6-cell battery pushing it up over 5 hours of battery life).

Even though it’s larger than most netbooks, there’s actually less you can do with it, as far as tinkering: The Mini 12 was not made for netbook tinkerers. The Mini 12’s processor does not support more than 1GB of RAM. The hard drive uses a less common PATA/ZIF interface (as opposed to SATA), so there are very few options on the market to replace it.

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