MSI VR220 YA Review (LAPTOP Mag)

MSI VR220 LAPTOP Magazine has published their review of the new 12.1″ budget-oriented MSI VR220.

It starts at $699, and while it’s definitely one of the cheapest 12.1″ ultraportables around, it does have a few features found in more expensive laptops – it has some areas made out of magnesium alloy. It does weigh more than others in its class, however, it’s also around half the price of those same laptops.

Because of the cost, they actually discuss it in terms of netbooks, including Dell’s Inspiron Mini 12 and discuss it being meant more for students.

Read: LAPTOP Magazine

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One Response to MSI VR220 YA Review (LAPTOP Mag)

  1. Jeff Hill says:

    Personally, I’d rather stick with a name like Dell where you know you can get parts for a decent price should anything go wrong down the road!