Dell Announces Inspiron Mini 10, Mentions Adamo

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 At a press event today, Dell unveiled the Inspiron Mini 10, a slightly larger version of the Inspirin Mini 9. It’s got a 10″ display with a 16:9 aspect ration, and Dell claims it can play 720P HD video – whether this means the display is 1280×720 (or 1366x???) is unknown. Update: I would err on the side of caution and say it will probably do 1280×720.

The Inspiron Mini 10 has some interesting features, in addition to the 16:9 display:
– “Edge-to-Edge” Keyboard
– Built-in TV Tuner
– Mobile Broadband (maybe optional)
– Built-in GPS
– Multi-touch and gesture touchpad (gestures for home screen, scrolls, favorites)

Also included in the presentation, the Dell 3G Inspiron Mini 9, which represents a partnership between Dell and AT&T to include 3G mobile broadband connectivity in the Inspirin Mini 9.

The Dell presentation put an emphasis on how important they believe touch-enabled devices (either touchpads or touchscreens) will become, even before Windows 7 is in wide release, and that Windows 7 will eventually help with that.

As far as the Dell Adamo, Dell wouldn’t say much at this time. Engadget mentions that it’s really thin and light, and that it will be the new luxury franchise/flagship in the Dell laptop lineup.

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