Windows 7 Beta on 8GB SSD Acer Aspire One

Netbook Are you itching to install the Windows 7 Public Beta on your 8.9″ Acer Aspire One, but you have the 8GB Solid State Drive option instead of the larger 120GB or 160GB HDD?

Don’t worry, it’s possible if you are willing to follow the guide put together by Electronic Pulp. It’s going to take a while to install it though, but with the help of a couple of command lines, it is possible. The command line is required to compact some of the install files, because during the setup, space is at even more of a premium than usual, with most of it having been taken up by either the installation or the install files themselves.

For those who are putting the Windows 7 public beta on their Aspire Ones and are having wireless problems, a few weeks back there was a quick guide posted on liliputing along with links to the drivers.

Read: Electronic Pulp
via Eee PC Blog