Dell Latitude XT2 Hands-On (LAPTOP Mag)

Dell Latitude XT Yesterday, the new 12.1″ Dell Latitude XT2 launched and LAPTOP Magazine has posted their hands-on preview of the convertible.

It’s been upgraded to Intel’s Centrio platform, and the battery life has been extended over the original Latitude XT and it still retains its capacitive multi-touch display (from N-trig, along with N-trig’s DuoSense). The XT was actually the first multi-touch ultraportable (and laptop/notebook in general). Similar to Apple’s iPhone, you can use two fingers to zoom in and out on photos, scroll around on web pages, navigate with Google Earth, etc., and you don’t have to put any pressure on the display since it’s based on picking up contact with your fingers, and not pressure points as we’ve seen with past touchscreens.

LAPTOP Magazine mentions that the hinge/swivel for the display is much sturdier this time around. The LED-backlit display is also brighter than the original XT.

They’ve included a video showing both the original XT and the new XT2 side-by-side, as well as the multi-touch capabilities.

Hands-on (LAPTOP Mag)