Samsung NC10 Special Edition – Glossy or Matte?

Samsung NC10 A few days ago, I mentioned that the “Special Edition” Samsung NC10 (NC10-11PBK) that’s available exclusively through had a price drop (down to $469) and had started shipping to those who pre-ordered it.

The NC10-11PBK has a 6-cell high capacity battery that boosts the battery life up to around 9 hours or so, along with a larger touchpad than the typical NC10.

Something else that it has is a slightly different display, and it’s caused some confusion.

Early reports were that the glossy anti-reflection coating is a matte display instead.

So is the display glossy or is it matte?

I contacted Samsung directly, and this is what I was told:

According to our marketing team, the screen on the NC10-11PBK is a glossy screen. Due to the anti-reflective nature of it, it appears to many users as a matte screen. It comes down to user opinion on whether or not the screen is glossy or matte, as it could easily be referred to as either.

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