Asus Rugged Military NB

Summary: 13.3″, March 2007, “Rugged” – May not have been commercially available or produced.

Announced: Asus Rugged Military NB

Asus showed off a prototype of the Asus Rugged Military NB to CNet Reporters, earlier this week at CeBIT. This rugged laptop/convertible (Tablet PC functionality with a physical keyboard) is designed primarily for users in the military and complies with the IP 54 standard in … Read more

Asus UL20FT-A1

Summary: The UL20FT-A1 is a 12.1-inch ultraportable laptop from Asustek/Asus. While it does not have an internal optical drive to keep the size/weight down, it is not a notebook. Is is powered by a low voltage dual-core Intel Core i3-330UM processor, and handled up to … Read more

Asus Eee PC 1215N

Summary: Sequel to the Asus Eee PC 1201N (Seashell). Running an upgraded Intel Atom N550 dual-core CPU with NVIDIA’s Ion2 graphics. It features the ability to change between Ion 2 or Intel GMA 3150 for the graphics chipset (aka “Optimus”), depending on demand/power saving mode. … Read more

Asus Eee PC 1201N (Seashell)

Summary: High-performance dual-core Intel Atom netbook, with high-end (for a netbook) graphics through NVIDIA’s Ion chipset. It has an HD resolutiond display – 720p 1366×768. It comes with a one year trial of 500GB of storage through ASUS WebStorage in addition to onboard storage. It … Read more