Asus Rugged Military NB

Summary: 13.3″, March 2007, “Rugged” – May not have been commercially available or produced.

Announced: Asus Rugged Military NB

Asus showed off a prototype of the Asus Rugged Military NB to CNet Reporters, earlier this week at CeBIT. This rugged laptop/convertible (Tablet PC functionality with a physical keyboard) is designed primarily for users in the military and complies with the IP 54 standard in … Read more

Announced: Asus T83 UMPC

Details have finally emerged about the Asus T83 UMPC, the little brother to Asus’ Rugged Military NB. The T83 has been referred to by Asus as the “Highly Integration UMPC” (Probably “High”, but lost in translation), and a ruggedized version is expected later this year. … Read more