Tulip Ego / Diamond

Summary: 12.1″ WS, Up to $355,000 USD, Has leather “skins”, white gold, embedded diamonds, Not much detail is known at this time, the following specifications are a best guess. – Search Small-Laptops.com for Tulip Ego news Product Name: Tulip E-Go / Diamond Official Page: Tulip-Ego.nl … Read more

Laptop Drivers

Master list of driver links/pages for laptops/notebooks. Note: Newer laptops may not be listed here – refer to their Small-Laptops.com page for driver links.

Article: The World’s Most Expensive Notebooks

LAPTOP Magazine is running an article, The World’s Most Expensive Notebooks, that is interesting to say the least. An ultraportable slipped into the mix, the Tulip Ego Diamond. It’s a mere $355,000 USD (yes, I said $355,000). It’s also pushing the limits of what I’d … Read more

Older Ultraportables Just Added

These are older ultraportables/laptops that have been added to the site recently. By “older”, we mean laptops that may have been announced/released a few months ago or even a few years ago, and just weren’t added until now. Last Updated: February 20, 2008