Asustek Lamborghini Eee PC VX6, Acer Ferrari Within Months?

Digitimes has word of a couple of high-end or “luxurious” netbooks from Asustek and Acer that might be launching sometime in the fourth quarter. One of details mentioned about the Asustek netbook is a dual-core Intel Atom. That could be the Atom N550 that Intel … Read more

HP, Acer, and CULV Notebooks/Laptops

Last week it was reported that Intel would be aggressive with it’s CULV platform (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage), and it looks like HP and Acer could play a large part of that plan. DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard plans on introducing multiple 13.3-inch CULV-based devices … Read more

11.6-inch Acer Aspire One This Year?

We’ll treat it as a rumor for now, but macles* has had good information in the past. As macles* points out, up until now, most “new” Acer Aspire Ones were just a slightly larger version of the original 8.9″ AAO, including the 10.1″ Acer Aspire … Read more