HP Studying Google’s Android Platform for Ultraportables

How about Google’s Android operating system/platform for a notebook/laptop or even a netbook? Would you believe HP is taking a look at it? It’s no April Fool’s joke. Reuters is reporting that Hewlett-Packard is looking at various ways that Google’s open-source operating system could be … Read more

Lenovo Pocket Yoga (Pocket Notebook) Discussed

There has been a lot of talk about Lenovo’s “Pocket Yoga”, which closely resembles the form factor of the Sony VAIO P series (or rather, the VAIO P resembles it). In the words of Lenovo, it’s the smallest pocket notebook. The photo(s) were from two … Read more

Samsung Netbooks/Mini-Notebooks and Windows 7

Over the past few days, Samsung has been hosting their European Forum in Vienna. TechRadar UK got a chance to speak with Kyu Uhm, head of Samsung’s Worldwide Sales and Marketing (Computing Division). Uhm had quite a bit to say about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7, … Read more

Intel Gets Aggressive with CULV

DigiTimes is reporting that Intel is getting extremely aggressive in promoting the upcoming CULV platform. CULV – Consumer Ultra Low Voltage, is expected to shake up the ultraportable laptop/notebook market. Up until now, typical Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) laptops were fairly pricey – normally starting … Read more