Review: Samsung X1 ( has a review of the Samsung X1 Laptop, which they consider to be the upper end of ultraportable laptops – It’s under 4lbs (3.7lbs/1.7kg) so the weight is certainly down there, but the interesting thing is, it has a 14-inch screen and a height of just one inch. It has an optical drive (although it’s on top and not on the side) and is powered by a 1.2GHz Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPU, which gives it a battery life of upto 5 hours (depending on which capacity battery you use). One shortfall is the keyboard, some may not like it, plus the ULV CPU is not the fastest CPU around for a machine with such a large display.

I mentioned this because more and more of the 14-inch – 13-inch laptops are slim and light enough to fit into the ultraportable category (not that there is any set screen size – I consider an ultraportable to be a 12-inch display or less, but after handling several of the 13-inch Sonys I am working on adding them into the mix, because they are weighing in at under three pounds).