Raon Everun Note Recall

The 7″ AMD-powered Raon Everun Note which just started to see make an appearance in the US is now under a recall notice. It falls into the netbook category, however it had an AMD Turion CPU that was normally used in larger laptops / ultraportables. … Read more

Raon Everun Note – Available in US

The Raon Everun Note is now available for purchase in the USA through Dynamism. This is a unique ultraportable – price and size-wise, it could fall into the netbook category, but it’s running a CPU that you would normally find in a larger laptop. It’s … Read more

Raon Everun Note – Product Page

Back in June, we mentioned that information about an AMD-based netbook was making the rounds. It’s getting pretty close to being available, and it’s based on a full-size AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core CPU running at 1.2GHz. It’s called the Raon Digital Everun Note and … Read more

Raon Everun Note

Summary: 7″ WS, Windows XP, AMD CPU, ATI Graphics, Netbook Last Updated: September 23, 2008 Similar Laptops: – Falls into the netbook category