Announced: Toshiba Satellite U200

Toshiba Satellite U200
Looks like Toshiba has announced another Intel Core Duo ultraportable, the Toshiba Satellite U200. This time around it’s only a notebook and not a convertible/Tablet PC (like the Toshiba M400. It has a 12.1-inch “TruBrite” widescreen display (1280×800), and is powered by a range of processors, from Intel’s Celeron M 420 up through Intel’s Core Solo and Core Duo lineup. The harddrive is a Serial-ATA (SATA) and ranges in size from 40GB up through 120GB. It’s not too heavy – it starts at just over 4 pounds.

This is practically one of the “Semi-Ruggeds” or however you want to look at it, as it has quite a few features found in much more expensive notebooks that are built to take the occasional bump or spill – in addition to the magnesium alloy chassis, it has:

a special shock-absorbing design with airpocket cushioning and padding materials to protect key components (HDD, LCD, inverter) and the chassis against excessive vibration. To complete the package, a spill resistant keyboard allows time to save and close your open files and turn off the machine.

The very baseline model is $1159.

Source: Core Duo Info

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  1. This or the Tecra M6? What are the main differences? Everything about the two seem the same. Which is better for a freshman college student?

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