Announced: Toshiba Tecra M6

Toshiba Tecra M6
Along with the Toshiba Satellite U200 series announced this week, Toshiba has also announced the availability of another Intel Centrino/Core Duo-powered ultraportable notebook, the Toshiba Tecra M6. The Tecra M6 also has a 12.1-inch widescreen display and weighs in at a just over 4 pounds. Basically, the Tecra M6 is the business version of the U200 series – the M6 has additional security options as well as configuration options.

It starts at around $1059 for the baseline model (40GB harddrive, 256MB of memory, no wireless, Intel Celeron), but you are better off going up a bit to get the Core Duo and wireless – there is no point in buying last year’s laptop.

Source: Core Duo News

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5 Responses to Announced: Toshiba Tecra M6

  1. theJesse says:

    Has anyone bought either of these yet? The M6 sounds pretty decent if you customize it a bit. Curious to know what someone that owns one of these thinks of them.

  2. Roger says:

    I am debating between this and the U200. I do not really no the difference, but I am buying one of them customized for school in the fall.

  3. theJesse says:

    I am buying the tecra m6 for school, I couldn’t find any reviews (why aren’t people picking up on this product? probably lack of advertising on Toshiba’s part) I wish it was thinner, but other than that seems like a nice book. The tecra m6 has an S-video port, while the U200 does not (this info is not easy to find on their website, but I contacted Toshiba). That made the decision for me between the two.

  4. Roger says:

    Yeah, I decided on the Tecra as well, but just because it felt like a better deal. And yes, I couldn’t find any reviews either! I really think it’s a great laptop once some things are added.

  5. theJesse says:

    correction – althought two sales reps told me they were certain – there is NOT an S-video out on the tecra M6 or the U200. This was a deal breaker for me – canceled my order and just purchased an Asus W5F with a 7200rpm HD.