Article: “For PCs, smaller isn’t always better” (AP)

Vulcan Flipstart The Associated Press has in interesting article by Jessica Mintz, available on Yahoo, that talks about the truly ultraportable notebooks/Tablet PCs cropping up, including the following ultraportables:

Vulcan FlipStart E-1001S
OQO Model 02
Fujitsu LifeBook P1610

Excerpt from the article:

Each device maker also has a different sense of how small an ultra-mobile can get before it becomes impossible to use. For instance, Microsoft thinks the tiniest screen possible measures 7 inches diagonally, but FlipStart Labs settled on 5.6 inches.

So far, the devices are used more by certain groups of workers — real estate agents and health care workers on the go, for example — than by average consumers. Among ordinary folk, there’s no clear design winner.

“Everybody seems to want something different in a little tiny PC,” said James Kendrick, who consults as a geophysicist for oil companies and also avidly blogs and writes about mobile PCs.

Kendrick prefers a larger tablet-style notebook, the Fujitsu P1610. When he uses anything smaller, he carries around a fold-out portable keyboard.

James Kendrick runs the highly respected jkOnTherun website.