Sony VAIO Netbook – January 9, 2009?

Sony VAIO P Is Sony going to be introducing their VAIO-branded netbook on the 9th of January? There is a very cryptic Sony New Zealand sony website with a countdown alluding to a new VAIO product, and we know Sony is planning on a netbook.

We also may even have some potential model references that have shown up at the FCC (with some very odd dimensions): PCG-1P1L and PCG-1P2L

Here’s the message at the Sony New Zealand website:


The wait is almost over. In only a matter of days you will change the way you think about laptops.

We can’t tell you exactly what Sony is about to launch but this is your chance to sign up and be among the first in New Zealand to find out.

You can also enter a drawing to win the new VAIO (or to be one of the first to own one).


Thanks to Tim and Doug for emailing this in.

Updated: It’s the P-Series