Samsung NC20 Leaked

Samsung NC20 Update, the Samsung NC20 is using a VIA Nano CPU.

Is Samsung about to come out with a 12.1″ netbook? It certainly looks like it, although there are some continuity problems, since some sites are listing it with a VIA Nano CPU while others tack on Intel to the name.

Chances are, Samsung is not going to change CPUs at this point, especially given how successful the NC10 – they are having a problem keeping them in stock in some areas. It’s one thing to offer a new CPU series that’s backwards compatible, it’s another to offer a completely different platform.

However, the U2250 is listed as a VIA Nano CPU, and here’s what we know:
Speed: 1.3+GHz
TDP: 10W*
FSB: 800MHz
L2 Cache: 1M
Enhanced Power Saver: Yes

NC20 Specifications:
– 12.1″ Display
– 160GB HDD
– Microsoft Windows XP Home
– Bluetooth
– 1.3 megapixel web camera
– Weight: 1.5KG (3.3 pounds)

Model listed: NP-NC20-KA01UK (certainly typical compared to NC10 listings)

It will be interesting to see if Samsung decides to compete with Dell’s Inspiron Mini 12, as well as whether they go with VIA’s CPU.

Dabs Ireland has a listing for it, for €465.73 (around $650 USD) inc vat , as do a few other places in Europe.

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