ECS G10IL – Available in the US in September

Surprise, surprise, LAPTOP Magazine has word of the ECS G10IL coming to the United States sometime in September. As expected, it will not be carrying the ECS brand (and may even carry a different name) – it will be sold through another company with a … Read more

ECS G10IL Hands-On (LAPTOP Magazine)

Today at Computex, Joanna Stern from LAPTOP Magazine got a hands-on with the ECS G10IL netbook. The model she had access to was the 10.2-inch model. The G10IL is powered by Intel’s Atom CPU (Joanna actually found it at the Intel Atom booth), and the … Read more


Summary: 10.2″ / 8.9″ Display, Intel Diamondville/Atom CPU, September 2008

ECS: G10IL Sales, European Mobile Connectivity

PC World is running a couple of articles about the ECS G10IL, which is the netbook entry from Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS). It’s a 10-inch or 8.2-inch ultraportable notebook powered by an Intel Atom CPU and either Microsoft Windows XP or Linux. They expect to … Read more